The History of Yushoku



Traditionally in Japan, the people who understand the way and manners of the ceremonies and events held in the Imperial court were called “Yushoku Kojitsu”. Yushoku’s founder , Yoshitaro Ohara had held the position before he started his own business in 1933. He named his store “Yushoku” in reference to the name of the Imperial Household’s Daizenshoku (the office of the Palace Table).

Yushoku opened its first store in Tameike , then moved it to Akasakamitsuke after the War (WW2). “Akasaka Yushoku” has received continued support there.

Since its foundation “Yushoku” has received support from the Imperial court banquet and celebrities of the time, and it changed the name into “Fukutuchi” in 1977. Then we restarted the store as “Yushoku” from April 2015.
To preserve our original taste, which has been beloved by customers, the same artisan(shokunin) from the former-Yushoku has continued making sushi by hand.
We hope you enjoy our creations.


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