Chimaki Sushi

Sushi has been made with long experience, sophisticated skills, and carefully selected ingredients. Then, it has gotten the patronage by customers. I (the founder, Gitaro Ohara 小原義太郎) learned from the works of predecessors to make the greatest sushi , and completed the Chimaki sushi. Its appearance is same as Nishiki Chimaki which is preferred by Sado Riryu(Urasenke) Gengensai (茶道裏流玄々斎) . Rolled in bamboo leaves and tied with igusa (rush grass). Beautiful sushi with the elegancy. Its taste contains contemporary style of Nare zushi made by salting fish, pickling it with rice.

※quated from the original brochure written when it was established

    ※the tax(8%) is included in the prices

Chimaki Sushi
(Red seabream, Shrimp, Trout, Scad, Egg, Seasonal seafood)
Bite-sized sushi rolled in bamboo leaves

1 roll:432 yen 3 rolls:1,296 yen 5 rolls:2,160 yen


20 rolls in a basket

10,260 yen


30 rolls in a basket

15,444 yen


50 rolls in a basket

24,300 yen