Norimaki (seaweed rolls) and Oshizushi (Pressed sushi)

Enjoy our traditional taste.

    ※The tax (8%) is included in the prices

 ◆Rikyu (sea eel nori roll)
Sea eels and narazuke pickles
Rolled by raw seaweed
6 pieces:1,404 yen
10 pieces:2,268 yen


 ◆shikho (mackerel nori roll)
Pickled mackerel with shiso and sesame
Rolled by raw seaweed
6 pieces:1,404 yen
10 pieces:2,268 yen


Fukutuchi roll
Nori roll with broiled conger eels, shiitake mushrooms, kanpyo, shrimp, and eggs

6 pieces:1,037 yen
8 pieces:1,383 yen


Anago sushi
Broiled conger eels oshizushi flavored by our original saurce

1 roll (6 pieces):1,296 yen


Saba sushi
Oshizushi with domestic mackerel

1 roll (6 pieces):1,080 yen


Kani sushi
Zuwai Crab oshizushi with yuzu flavor

1 roll (6 pieces):1,296 yen


Seasonal oshizuhsi
We prepare seasonal oshizushi
Cherry blossom red seabream, mackerel and ume, saury, butterfish etc..

(Left picture: mackerel and ume)


Saba bar sushi (Left picture)
1 bar (8 pieces):2,700 yen
Half (4 pieces):1,512 yen
Anago bar sushi
1 bar (8 pieces):2,700 yen
◆Aji bar sushi
1 bar (8 pieces):2,700 yen