Yushoku’s Cha-Kaiseki Sushi, such as Chakin sushi and Chimaki sushi etc.
Customers love Cha Kaiseki’s beautiful appearances and unique tastes. These dishes are enjoyed widely in Enyu-kai held in the Imperial Palace, Tea Parties, at home, in the workplaces, and theatre parties.


 ※The tax (8%) is included in the prices


 ◆Chakin Sushi
1 piece:  756 yen
2 pieces: 1,512 yen
3 pieces:  2,268 yen
Fushimi (Small Chakin Sushi)
2 piece :  962 yen
3 pieces : 1,469 yen
8 pieces : 3,845 yen


Chimaki Sushi
(Red seabream, Shrimp, Trout, Scad, Egg, Seasonal seafood)
Bite-sized sushi rolled in bamboo leaves
1roll: from 432 yen
20 rolls 10,260 yen
30 rolls 15,444 yen
50 rolls 24,300 yen

御代 極  

Sushi Tsumeawase  (Assortment)

1 box : from 810 yen
We have several kinds of assorted sets

※Left picture: one Kiwami box:  9,288 yen


Combination of seasonal cuisine and sushi

1 box: from 1,296 yen 
We have several kinds of them


Single Item
You can also buy them separately.
Norimaki(seaweed roll) sushi, Oshi sushi, roll sushi..etc



Kyo-hu Irodori Bara
Bara sushi mixed with steamed vegetables, decorated by conger eels, shrimp, chestnut, kanpyo, shiitake mushrooms, and kinshi tamago (shredded omelette)

1 box 1,620yen