The Secrets to Our Deliciousness



Shari (Sushi Rice)

It is said that the quality of Shari determines the sushi’s taste. To provide the same deliciousness through the years, Yushoku carefully selects the best rice and vinegars for each season.
We mix cooked rice and our very own vinegar evenly with artisan’s own hands to produce the best Shari.


Broiled conger eels

The secret to our deliciousness is “our original Anago Kabayaki (Broiled Conger Eels with Sweet Soy Sauce)” We carefully select good quality fatty eels from nearby ocean around Tokyo Bay (Edomae), and mix them with the original sauce, which we have been using since our foundation. They are completed by artisan (shokunin) skills.


Shiitake mushroom

We use Shiitake sent directly from Mr. Nagao in Tsushima, Nagano Prefecture.
Mr. Nagao grows rich and thick shiitake mushrooms by a traditional method on logs, and the country awarded him as many as 6 times for the quality of his rich and flavorful Shiitakes.



For customers to enjoy its roasted flavor, we carefully toast selected fresh sesame every morning.


We use eggs that contain more Lutein, which is good for your health.
They turn into clear yellow when they are boiled.
That color is necessary for the elegant appearances of Chakin sushi wrapped in an omelet.



Our seaweed arrives directly from Mr. Suzuki in Awaji island.
Since he makes the laver by traditional method taking more times and processes, his laver is tenderer and has deeper flavor. 
Grilled ones are used for Chakin sushi and Fukuzui roll, while raw ones are used for Rikyu and Kaori.



Every morning, fresh fishes arrive from Tsukiji market.
Prepared fishes are cured with salt overnight to remove extra water, unwanted smell and bitterness. Then the next morning they are marinated with our original vinegar for completion. This process makes the fishes taste like delicious raw fishes.



Did you know that Chakin Sushi contains powdered crab?
It is not marked ingredients , but it contributes to the pleasant taste of Chakin Sushi.
This powdered crab is made by poaching fresh raw crabmeat for 3 hours in order to flake them. During the process, the artisan (shokunin) is flaking the meat and reducing the water ensuring that it is not burnt.

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